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I am working mother of three and rounding up the dogs to go to the vet is sometimes more than I can handle. I find this service fantastic for people like me…

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Cat with Weight Loss & Odd Gait

My cat has recently started walking and sitting kind of half-way down on his back legs. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, and he didn't break his legs in...

Posted in: Cats


*CHAT* Dog Constipated after Neutering

Mary: I took Sam in yesterday to get neutered and he hasn't gone to the bathroom since.
Vet: Constipation is very common after surgery...

Posted in: Dogs


Ferret Owner Facing Expensive Surgery

My ferret Debbie was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor last week and I don't have the $1100 dollars for surgery and I think there will be meds...

Posted in: Marmots


Why is it hard to talk about fat pets?

It’s not just me or Dr. Jed–it’s every vet I know. As soon as we mention that Fido is getting a little thick around the middle, our pet owners who seconds ago loved us now stare at us with hatred and resentment in their eyes! Why is it so hard to talk to pet owners [...]




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