Vet Second Opinion | I needed a second opinion, but my schedule wouldn’t allow…

“I needed a second opinion, but my schedule wouldn’t allow for another trip to the vet. I submitted a history of my dog’s problem and included a photo. Shortly after, I received a thorough response from the VetLIVE doctor. I couldn’t believe how quickly they responded and how easy it was to get a second opinion without the office visit! The VetLIVE doctors are compassionate people that care about animals and that compassion comes through in their thoughtful answers. Thanks VetLIVE!”  Stacie L.

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April 4, 2012 at 08:36

Dave, I’ve never set up a Flickr page or anything similar. I just post random pictures of animals and the world for my Facebook friends, mostly random libertarians and anarchists. (I’ve just started the blog where that cat picture is, and I’ll be using some of my animal pictures from time to time there. I’m not sure I’d be mixing animals into a politically themed site if Radley hadn’t done it so successfully with his dogs here.) Since my background was newspapers and I’m more of a writer than a photographer, really I know what I want to shoot and how I want to present it, but sometimes I’m too lazy to get the shots. I miss the days when I could turn to someone else to shoot the pictures I was too lazy to get. :-)

June 19, 2012 at 21:22

Are you sure it is cherry-eye? My English bludlog is a regular with his vet because of allergies. That causes the redness in their eyes to increase and they are high-stressed dogs. You should have her checked out from the vet, if it appears to be concerning you. I have called the emergency line over Diesel swallowing a bone=) you can always look in the phone and talk to a professional to better guide you.