Thanksgiving Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe

ask a vet how to keep your pet safe on thanksgiving pet tips from a vetEveryone is looking forward to the big holiday tomorrow and I personally can’t wait to stuff my face with homemade eats and treats. But the last thing you want with a belly full is a sick pet and a late night visit to the emergency vet. Keep this tips in mind, and savor the holiday the safe way.

1. Beware of the bones! In a day and age where feeding raw and whole bones is a bit of controversy, I would be going against the oath I took to not warn pet owners–brittle bones can get lodged in pets throats or intestines. Beware!

don't give your pets alcohol2. No alcohol for FIDO! We humans love yeast for its many fantastic uses beer, wine, the strength to make it though an uncomfortable family dinner, but encourage your pooch not to indulge. Even yeast from bread dough can cause intoxication and severe side effects, including death. Read funny reminders on why booze is bad for dogs. Don’t share that fruit punch!

3. Sweets. Only in moderation. Pets really aren’t meant to consume vast quantities of sugar. Make sure Fido doesn’t have access or can’t sneak into the desserts, and of course, keep them away from the chocolate!

ask a vet thanksgiving tips4. Did you know if your feed your dog too much to quickly, they can experience a life-threatening condition called bloat?
Many people now enjoy cooking and sharing in the holiday spirits with their four-legged family members, but don’t forget to feed your pet more than they are used to. Raw bread dough is particularly dangerous as the pet’s internal stomach temperature will cause the bread to not only ferment, but rise. This can be deadly! Read some tips and watch a short video from Dr. Jed on how to slow down your voracious eater–the pet kind, not the human kind.

5. When the dreaded clean-up time comes, please make sure all garbage cans are covered appropriately. Plastic bags, strings, and foil that have yummy juices on them don’t make for a pleasant surprise when ingested. Unless of course you really want to end up at the e-vet.

If you pet does ingest something accidentally or you have a pet health question this Turkey day, save some cash and time and remember to use our services at VetLIVE. We can help you figure out if that trip to the e-vet is crucial.

dog kissing owner keeping your dog safe on thanksgiving

We know you love them so keep them safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Laci


Dr. Laci Nash Schaible, DVM

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November 25, 2010 at 01:01

We are lucky as we celebrate everything very modestly so there is very little our dogs could get into they shouldn’t.

Chocolates are in a top cupboard on in our stomach :-) Garbage is in a cupboard also.

The last time Jasmine snatched something she shouldn’t was when hubby’s son was still living with us – you can’t teach kids new tricks! LOL

Ever since he’s gone, our house is dog-safe :-)

November 25, 2010 at 13:09

Jana, good for you and Jerry–even better for Jasmine and JD! Madison was very sneaky and food driven. We do the garbage in the cupboard too but she always snuck off counter tops when I wasn’t looking. Once in vet school I splurged and treated myself to some gourmet biscotti and she ate it all while I was unloading the groceries! That and a box of butter. I was so mad at her and then she had dark diarrhea everywhere! Big dog diarrhea is so much worse than small dog diarrhea! At least it was not serious– other than my deposit on the duplex!

November 25, 2010 at 15:15

Oh, wow. Very driven! :-) Jasmine is too smart to snatch things. Why would she go around stealing and get in trouble if she can flap her eyelashes and get something better and not get in trouble :-)

J.D. is trained to stay away when unpacking groceries or cooking. He doesn’t like it but listens well enough. Nothing on the counter other than bread.

November 26, 2010 at 16:00

Madi, though sweet, was not the smartest dog I’ve ever met. Kind of a big sweet furry bear who loved nothing more than eating and hanging with her people, preferably both at the same time. :-)

April 5, 2012 at 04:16

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