“Tasters” and Strange Exam Room Behavior

Some pet owners cross the line to find themselves in embarrassing situations

Labradore retriever pet health questions

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Pet owners are a curious bunch, myself included.  I am always amazed at our cautious nature.  Even though their vet tells them to feed x, or give medicine y, you never really know if they are actually going to do z.  But the strangest precautionary pet owners are the “tasters.”  Tasting your dog’s gourmet Honest Kitchen dog food is one thing, but sometimes the pet owners I meet in this profession really make me wonder.

Any various forms of pet owners who can not help themselves but to insert pet medications, pet products, or pet food into their mouths.

Let me introduce you to Cocoa and her taster pet parent. Cocoa was a very rambunctious sweet lab. But she had a problem with furniture.  She really liked to change its aesthetic design– as in, rip it apart. Due to the fact that behavioral modification takes time and effort, we needed a short term solution while we worked towards long-term training, besides locking her up in a crate.

The owner had tried the sour apple Yuk Anti-lick spray pet questionssprays but had not brought out the big guns.  I walked in to the exam room during a wellness visit and showed her a product named Yuk.  Yuk tastes awful apparently, and when you wipe it on a surface, the pet is counter conditioned to putting their mouths on that surface.  I left the room to pull up a vaccine, and unfortunately left the Yuk with the owner.

I went back to the exam room, opened the door and started gagging.  I have seen some incredible messes in exam rooms over my lifetime but this was absolutely horrendous. There was vomit everywhere. I thought, did cocoa get car sick on the way here?  But then I started looking around with a paper towel over my nose to subdue my own gag reflex. There was vomit on the floor, on the wall, in the sink, on the exam table – basically the ceiling was not affected.

is my pet sick?  causes of vomiting in a dog, how to tell if my dog is sickThe vomit distribution was not typical of a Lab.  Basically, they haven’t been trained to try to hit the sink.

Cocoa’s mom had tried the Yuk, and yes, verified it’s potency, it’s performance, and it’s power.

I have never seen a more embarrassed pet owner.  She kept insisting that she clean up her vomit, but we insisted on taking on the dirty job – after all, a vet hospital is more than equipped to deal with such a hodgepodge.

Let it be known that oral medications, products, and foods intended for pets don’t always have the same effect on people as they do on pets.

Dr. Jed

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Dr. Jed Schaible VMD

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December 2, 2010 at 16:57

OMG! LOL Note to self: never taste pet anti-lick products after lunch! LMAO

Ok, I have to say that I never decided to taste-test Jasmine’s anti-lick cream :-) I did try everything that I ever fed her–interesting note here that the same product never tasted the same yet package to package, which I find interesting; and can products don’t even have the same consistency package to package.

I even tasted Eukanuba fish and potato can formula when we were trying it (it was awful and even Jasmine thought so); and the super hypoallergenic diets–I don’t blame Jasmine for not wanting to have anything to do with that.

As for the Yuck gel, I think I’ll just take that woman’s ‘word’ for it LOL

Wes Williams
September 15, 2011 at 17:13

When we first got our dog, “Thunder” he was about 2
mos. old and almost 10 lbs.
*mixed breed? shortish hair,
brindle pattern, &smart as a whip.
I got Old Mother Hubbard
Bac n Cheese treats, and Ultro
holistic dry, but he wouldn’t eat
any until I proved it was OK.
(yum-yum) actually, it was better
than C-Rations! Now he’s 6 1/2
and 38+ lbs. runs like a deer!
counts to 10, and does a magic
trick. (makes food disappear
before your eyes.)
Wes Williams