2010 Animal News in Review

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11.  More than 200 million gallons of oil flowed into the Gulf of Mexico.  The unwitting victims were the thousands of animals living in the region, including wildlife, fish, and even pets.

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10. Sea world trainer dies in killer whale attack

9. More money is given to animal charities than child charities in the USA. ???

8.  Mia is euthanized and returns to life. On the positive side of this horrific and inexcusable incident, lazy vets get a beat down.

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7.  Recalls, recalls, recalls. Can we trust the pharmaceutical company or pet food industry? Many pet owners turn to home cooked meals or organic foods.

6. Target is mistakenly euthanized at a shelter in AZ–countless additional reports of dogs being murdered, especially by police brutality.

5. First real licensed online vets launch 24/7 service to provide pet owners unbiased advice!..okay, maybe not top news but it’s huge to us and dominates our world, so I have to include it.

4. Obama givonline vet, real online vets, pet advicees dog abusing Michael Vick a thumbs up…shame, shame, tisk tisk.

3. Romanian teen drowns puppies. This one really doesn’t need any reviewing.

2. World’s smallest horse is born, and Einstein is cuter than ever!

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1. Puppy mills make headlines across the nation. From the passage of Prop B in Missouri to the closing of many pet selling stores in multiple states, the future is improving for our animal friends of 2011.

Any I missed or special animal news to your household?

Happy New Year!
Dr. Laci


Dr. Laci Nash Schaible, DVM

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