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Today we are very happy to have a post from Judy Nelson of the popular Facebook group PetPeople share with us a cute story through the mind of her dogs.

Everybody’s story counts!

Mom had received an invitation to begin blogging again, promising to think about it, with the intention of taking action—which is really all it takes! Having ‘put it to bed’, she could feel the ideas begin growing from that little seed…

Then on January 9, Mom finally brought herself to put ‘our’ Christmas tree away as she was watching the CBS Sunday News program. All of us are so pleased that she ‘listened to us’ and decorated her home with mementos of us to comfort her through the holiday season, “especially since I just left 5 months ago and she isn’t ready for another pet just yet,” Black Jack pipes in.

She was still pondering what she could blog about when she heard author David Sadaris say on the TV that people don’t want to hear about themselves, but rather prefer feeling they are being entertained through stories about animals!

THEN on facebook she saw this title, “The Human is Very Clever, but the Dog is Much More Clever” on a NATO Training Mission article and FINALLY it clicked that WE’RE the ones who need to ‘talk’. Sometimes our people can be pretty dense, can’t they?

She MIGHT have ‘gotten it’ if she’d remembered how her blogging originally evolved… Black Jack tells the story, “I was so enjoying my alone time with Mom after Katie Lou left, that I wanted to stay for a very long time. I spent less and less time entertaining her; my aging making her life progressively more difficult at best. So, loving movies as she does, one day she took a break to see the movie JULIE & JULIA where Julie, not too happy with her life, took up the hobby of cooking, blogging about it.

Thus the idea to blog about her experiences caring for me was born for Mom. It helped her, but wasn’t always as upbeat as Mom is, so I had to step in to tell her that I wanted to tell my OWN STORY. Because I appreciated all she did for me and was now able to tell her so, this made her happy and we both hoped it might help lighten other canine geriatric care givers’ loads.

Well, after she honored my request to help me leave, she lost her inspiration to blog—until NOW when we can ALL have a voice through her. I can speak for us all—WE’RE EXCITED!”…

And, really, who do you think moved Dr. Jed Schaible to suggest she resume blogging by being a guest blogger on the prestigious VetLIVE blog? Her first response to that invitation was that while she is unquestionably PASSIONATE about treating all animals with respect, she didn’t consider herself to be an ‘expert’ on much of anything animal related other than her own inner feelings–and perhaps how we animals work directly with and through her on her ARTWORK.

ask a vet, ask the vet, ask a vet online, pet health question

Not only do you humans have wonderful stories to tell so that you can learn from one another, but we do, too and are so happy that Mom is listening—and willing to PASS OUR WISDOM ALONG! The world needs YOUR stories, too…

Our ‘spokesperson’, Judy Nelson grew up in Nebraska, enjoyed the mountains of Idaho and then landed in the Arizona high desert.  She was always very passionate about animals so combining that with her writing and artwork, spirituality and education in psychology, we figured she would represent us well!

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January 14, 2011 at 10:44

Thank you, Dr.s Jed & Laci!! Another idea is brewing for the next ‘installation’!

January 14, 2011 at 12:03

Thanks Judy!

Dr. Jed Schaible
January 17, 2011 at 16:16

Thanks for your post!

May 11, 2012 at 13:13

This post Pet healthcare | VetLIVE was a good read so I posted it on my Facebook to hopefully give you more readers. Too Many Shoes