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Ah, with the weekend full of snow, and the inside fire so warm and cozy, I had the opportunity to read the latest FIDOFriendly magazine and what a treat it was!  Keep reading because there is a treat in store for one lucky reader!

In case you’ve been living under a rock or aren’t much of a dog person, FIDOFriendly is a bimonthly travel and lifestyle magazine for dog lovers.  There motto is “Leave No Dog Behind,” and the magazine is full of pawesome ways to make that happen.

A couple of articles in this issue really hit home with me. Carol Bryant’s article “You’ve come a long way, Sparky!” made me smile. It reviewed the changes we as pet owners have embraced over the decades: home-cooked dog food, traveling with pets, pets as family members, and considering our furbabies as family members in general. As veterinarians, I cannot imagine practicing in a time when owners did not believe their dogs could feel pain, or let ailments go untreated. And as the world’s first online veterinary hospital, of course we encourage positive change for the world of canines!

online vet, common dog health problems, dog health answers, ask a vet

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I got a kick out of the “Designer Digs” piece which discusses how dogs influence the type of furniture we fill our homes with. In particular it made me laugh because we have a new couch about to be delivered, and yes, we chose for our pets–heavily distressed leather is slobber, hair, and even grosser bodily fluids friendly! Out with the stained cloth fabric, our pets really do work their way into our hearts and changing our lifestyles (happily, of course).

I have a soft spot for rescues, and educating the public about the responsibility of choosing a dog, so I loved the feel-good adoption story about the dog George who finally found her forever home after being chained for 13 years and escaping a close call with death. Hand in hand with adoption was the Training 101 advice on traits to look for when adopting a dog. This should be mandatory reading for everyone considering bringing a dog into their lives!

The February issue contains many other great articles, along with reviews of 10 incredible luxury dog-friendly hotels across the nation, the best cars for avid dog owners, dog health info, answers to common dog health problems, and even a spread on “Lifestyles of the Rich & Furry,” which blew our blog on extravagant pet giving away. I had no idea some dogs were so pampered, but it is a testament to how much we do love our dogs. All in all, FIDOFriendly is entertaining and educational, not to mention beautiful and well-styled, source of feel-good entertainment for the doggy-lovers soul.

online vet, dog health info, answers to common dog health problems, online veterinary hospitalThe BEST part for you? FIDOFriendly will be giving YOU the READER a chance for a free YEAR-LONG subscription (print or digital)! Comment below with your best tip for traveling with your furkid and we will randomly select a lucky reader to be the winner. Official rules.

Disclaimer: A couple months ago amidst a corn maze (no joke) Dr. Jed and I had the pleasure of meeting Social Media and PR Goddess Carol Bryant of FIDOFriendly. We like the people and pets of FIDOFriendly and believe they are good dog-loving people. We were not offered compensation of any sort for this review, and this is our honest opinion. If you are not fortunate enough to win, our readers can get 20% off the regular subscription price.  As always, if you have a pet health question, you can ask a vet 24/7.  We are always here with our unbiased advice for your peace of mind.
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January 18, 2011 at 03:24

Well, I don’t know if this is the best tip, but it is a tip. In the winter we always travel with a container with sand. Doesn’t have to be big (we use sour cream jar). You never know where it’s going to be icy. Better safe than sorry.

January 19, 2011 at 10:42

That is a good idea I have never thought of or even heard Jana! Thanks for sharing.

January 19, 2011 at 15:34

This idea came about after Jasmine’s ACL surgery, which she had in the winter. We were so worried that she might slip and mess up her rehab. We didn’t want to use salt as that is not good for their feet. So we got ourselves a bucket of sand and were sanding any potentially dangerous areas.

Her knees healed but the idea remained, now when there is a chance of ice we always have the sand with us :-)