Kittens and Toilets: Can they really coexist to make the perfect pet?

Ask a vet: Online vets review their first hand trials and tribulations with the litter kwitter

toilet training cats, vet storiesThis is not a product review, a recommendation or endorsement, and I have been in no contacted by or in contact with Litter Kwitter.  This is just intended to distract you from your life, desk job, boring partner, etc. for a few moments and share with you the comical adventures of two vets doing their damnedest to toilet train their precious and perfect kittens.

Several months ago while Dr. Jed and I were browsing the aisles of PetSmart, a curious item caught our eye. The Litter Kwitter.

We had watched the episode of Shark Tank where the woman presented her toilet litter contraption to the panel of investors and we had taken note. We had even heard from a few clients that had trained their cats (yes cats, not even young impressionable kittens) to successfully use the toilet!

Note to those considering this feat at home: cleaning this litter box is messier than your typical one. I don’t know why, I think it has something to do with how shallow it is, but it is messy, and there is lots of daily wiping and scrubbing. Not for those with a weak stomach, *insert cough saying Dr. Jed*

Dr. Jed and I looked at each other, back at the colorful box, and in our shopping cart it went.

The instructions say that you can start toilet training them as early as 3 months, as they may be big enough to squat on a toilet at this point, but we didn’t want to traumatize the poor little tykes with an accidental dunk in the old porcelain throne if their kitten coordination and balance still left something to be desired.

Get your Litter Kwitter… here is the link on Amazon:

Litter Kwitter Toilet Training SystemTrain your cat to use a human toilet in 8 weeks or less. The Litter Kwitter(R) is the award-winning 3-Step Training System designed to train cats to use a human toilet and thereby rid the house of an unhygienic litter tray. Sound weird? Well, not if you're the on...
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online vet reviews toilet training cats

So we waited, and then we waited until they were spayed and healed, because let’s face it, if you have a healing surgical wound, the last thing you want is to be bobbing up and down out of a toilet because toilets are dirty let’s face it, no matter how clean they are.

online vet reviewsThe excuses not to start the toilet training seemed endless. Business trip after business trip

kept rearing their ugly heads, and while my mother-in-law was gracious enough to look after the girls each day we were gone, there is only so much you can ask of an in-law, and figuring out how to assist her grand kittens in toilet litter training is not one of them. We learned that lesson after she watched them for two days when they had ringworm as kittens. *Sigh* Bless her heart, she tried…but, it was a fail, undeniably.  At least she has a sense of humor about it, see photo below.

cat urinary problems, ask a vet, online vet

Proof of life for Rigby, from Mother-in-law while grandcat sitting

Finally one day: surgeries over? Check. Healed and happy kittens that are large enough and capable of balancing on a toilet litter box? Check. No more business trips at least in the foreseeable two week future where both kitten mom and kitten dad will be gone at the same time? Check.

The time had arrived.

I opened the box, and really the system is simple enough to figure out. A DVD is enclosed, but if you can’t get it from looking at the very simple instructions, then I am worried for you–and your cats since you are their only hope and really have no say in it.

chat with a vetStep one: Place the toilet bowl litter box on the floor next to the toilet and have this be their only litter box for a few days. I knew we would breeze through this step. Being such smart and wonderful kitten parents, we had already had their regular litter box in the bathroom we intended to dedicate to the cat toilet training station (which also happens to be out only bathroom downstairs, which also means that any guests will now have to trapse upstairs in search of the loo and walk on our uncarpeted plywood stairs as we are in the midst of some construction, but I digress…) So the downstairs toilet is the cats.

We did this for several days, with the fake toilet box touching the royal throne’s base, and it was a piece of cake.

Onward and upward to step 2! Quite literally, upward the faux toilet litter box goes! The box says it easily attaches to most toilets, and it certainly fit ours!

The instructions say to stay at this step for at least several weeks to really acclimate your cat to using the bathroom on an elevated surface. Well our girls took to it quite easily! Although Rigby seemed a little irritated and Mackenzie a little confused at first, they made no mistakes and after a couple days, even Rigby’s loud mouth stopped complaining about it.

Then we made our first mistake…

Stay tuned for more entertaining tails from your online vets. You know you want to see what happens!

online vet reviews

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