What to get your vet for the holidays? An online vet review!

online vet reviews, ask a vet, what to give your vet for christmasPerhaps it has never crossed your mind to get your vet something for the holidays, but there are a number of pet parents that do shower our clinics with tokens of appreciation. (Thanks guys!  You are in the minority and are appreciated!)

It is almost always in the form of desserts. Cookies, brownies, homemade candy…our lunch room overfloweth with endless calories that most of us really don’t need.

Instead, this year if you would like to share the holiday spirit with your vet and their staff, I would encourage you to give something of lasting value that also happens to be free—a positive online vet review.

It’s no secret that angry people are far more likely to go the trouble of ranting online with negative reviews than satisfied customers.  It is no different in the veterinary world.

As a veterinarian, I have received many handwritten cards, letters, and thank you notes from clients over the years; I cherrish and keep every single one. They warm my heart and remind me of why I am in the veterinary profession, which all the thankless irresponsible pet parents our there do a pretty damn good job of sometimes making me forget.

But I am the only one who sees them!

ask a vet, online vet reviewsAsk a vet and they will say that what they would REALLY cherish is if the pleased pet parent would instead write this note online so other pet parents could read it and perhaps the hospital may gain some new clients!

If you like your vet, please take the time to submit an online vet review. It’s free, and it will only take a small amount of your time. You can even print out the review after you post it online and mail it into your vet with a note alerting them to what you have done.

Positive online vet reviews are the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer, and also ensure that you always get VIP treatment at your vet hospital. It’s a win-win for all.

Ask a vet and they will likely agree.  For all the vets out there, what do you wish your clients would send–a positive review or another cookie?

Cheers, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

online vet Dr. Laci

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