How to toilet train your cat, part 2

The Online Vets‘ quest towards a litter-free existence, continued from part 1

toilet train a cat, online vetAfter several days on step 2, which is a solid red bowl that fits inside fake white toilet frame, meaning no access or view of the sparkling toilet water below, we were pretty confident. We have the smartest kittens in the world, after all. I mean Rigby does tricks, she sits, she fetches, and sweet little Mackenzie, well, she just never could do anything wrong and the fact that she somehow convinced Rigby to listen to her without so much as a hiss is proof of her intelligence. Such a sweetie pie.

Anyways, we had the veterinarians’ meeting of the minds conversation where we discuss their future as if we deciding which school to send actual human children to, and we decided our girls are ready for the next step.

Step 3 is the orange bowl, and in the middle of the orange insert, there is a rather large hole. As you go through the steps, you essentially trick the cat into just peeing in the toilet while perched on the rim of the toilet seat. You slowly take away the litter tray and hope they are so used to the toilet, that they accept it and you say cianarra to cat litter–and more importantly, changing it–forever.

And we decided it was time to move onto step 3. Our brilliant kitten minds could handle it!

toilet training your cat, ask a vet if it works

Discontent Rigby before she planted a revenge bomb

In no time, we had dumps that were far too large and sour in aroma to have come from our cute and tiny little angels! And they were not in the toilet or anywhere near the faux toilet litter box.

Get your Litter Kwitter below from Amazon:

Nope, our girls decided to boycott this new system and instead went for a cozy blanket. I have worked in veterinarian hospitals for over 15 years now, and man, I tell you, there was vengeance in those piles of crap. They were extra horrible, as if the kittens did something to altar them and teach us a lesson (not my genuine belief)! We really do forget how much cat litter does help cut down the odor of cat feces.

I have to ask myself, are we training the cats, or are they training us?

Blankets washed, house deodorized, and we immediately regressed back to step 2. It seems we don’t have kitten geniuses after all. They are just normal cats. We can still hope for our unborn (and un-conceived) human children, right?

So it seems were are stuck with several weeks here on step 2, a very messy step to clean as the urine seeps it’s way into each crevice and fold of the litter tray.

Bumps and obstacles to overcome from your online vets in Part 3 . Have any of your own?

online vet Dr. Laci

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March 9, 2012 at 06:40

Such a funny post! Good luck with toilet training your cats – I’m positive they must be geniuses in disguise because I’m fairly sure if I tried this with my cat she’d end up swimming in the toilet bowl!

July 27, 2012 at 13:48

This is a touchy scujebt. Your pet cannot communicate to you to tell you what is happening. You should have your cat checked out by someone else to get a second opinion. Keep a close eye on her. Plus you can contact your local ASPCA to see if they have more information regarding this vet or what to do.

May 2, 2012 at 23:21

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