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Part 3

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Organic - At least this one has a legal definition. According to the USDA – the term “USDA Organic” may only be applied to pet food labels that follow USDA rules. Look for the seal, but there is much blur even on the definition of organic. Read more on organic here.

Holistic - There is not even a legal definition of this term under laws devoted to pet foods. Any manufacturer can make claims of “holistic” in literature and brochures regardless of ingredients chosen. SIGH.If you want to waste your money on this veterinary marketing ploy, go ahead; it is meaningless and unregulated.

Human Grade- Claims that a product contains or is made from ingredients that are “human grade”, “human quality”, “people foods”, “ingredients you (the purchaser) would eat”, are false and misleading.  It is illegal for companies to use this wording unless the food is made start to finish in a human plant but that doesn’t stop them from doing so.

Natural - According to AAFCO, the term “natural” requires a pet food to consist of only natural ingredients without chemical alterations.

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