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Puppy Love

April 6th, 2011

Hump day is hard enough, right?  Here’s a video to get you smiling through the rest of the week.

If you have any questions about your pet or have a question to ask a vet , we are on call for you 24/7.

Fun pet videos

January 28th, 2011

Just for fun, and in honor of the snow wall that keeps hitting us, Dr. Laci and I went sledding yesterday.  It somehow makes the four hours we spent shoveling seem less painful–well, actually we are quite sore, but you know what I mean.

Our guys were not nearly as amused by the sleds as this brave doggy!

Would you take your dogs sledding, or would you be worried about injury? If you have taken them, did they seem to like it?

-Dr. Jed

Is my dog sick? Is my cat sick? How to better use Google to find out!

October 14th, 2010

Is my pet sick? What are dog symptoms and cat symptoms? Have you ever tried to do research about your pets and only get bombarded with websites trying to sell you things? Check out this video to learn two search techniques that my clients have often found useful -- happy searching!

Good Luck -- knowledge is power!
Dr. Jed

Online Vet Dr. Jed Schaible Signature

Dr. Jed Schaible VMD talks about how to research dog symptoms and cat symptoms

Online Veterinary Advice: How to Clip Your Pet’s Nails Without Regret – Videos and Tutorials

October 7th, 2010

How to clip your dog’s, cat’s, bird’s, ferret’s and guinea pig’s nails or claws; online veterinary approved links for multiple species

Puppy and kitten | Pet Vet Online AdviceClipping your pet’s nails can be daunting and frustrating task that can even be dangerous for you and your pet.  As veterinarians, Dr. Laci and I see the results of misinformed pet owners and the damage they have done to their pet’s toes unintentionally.  On the other hand, we have seen pet owners neglect cutting their pet’s nails and have treated the medical conditions that resulted from the lack of clipping.  We decided to put together a bunch of links for different species that we feel are accurate and appropriate educational tools for pet owners.

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