My dog ate chicken bones – help!

Let’s face it: dogs get into things. My husband and I are both veterinarians and our dog still gets into stuff and eats things we did not intend for them to ingest.

When a dog eats bones, your pet may or may not be in danger. There is no “always safe” if they are uncooked rule; it truly depends upon your pet’s age, weight and size, activity level, and of course the size and type of chicken bone.

If your dog ate a bone and you aren’t sure if it is medical concern that warrants an emergency vet visit, our licensed veterinarians are standing by to help. The basic question option allows you to go back and forth in dialogue directly on our website that way you can communicate with a veterinarian and express all of your concerns. We have veterinarians on call 24/7 and you can communicate with a veterinarian without having to rush into the vet hospital or worry all night. You can enter your question in the box to the right to begin.

My dog ate chicken bones