Free Veterinary Advice – Ask an Online Vet for Free

Finding sources of online vet advice can be quite difficult.  There is always a balance between wanting the best service from knowledgable veterinarians and wanting to pay the least amount. is not a free service but we offer premium concierge online vet advice.  Here is what differentiates us:

  • Chat back and forth with a veterinarian.  Our consults are a dialogue where you are not charged until you are satisfied
  • If we need to get a second opinion from a specialist, we can and will do so (opthalmologist, internist, surgeon, endocrinologist, exotics, etc. etc.)
  • We carry out primary research for you using cutting edge medical journals (we have the resources we need at hand)
  • Upload photos, pictures, and medical documents for free
  • Always feel free to get a text message when your in depth consults are ready

Want to see some example consults?  Feel free to check out some of our past consults so you can make a decision if you would like veterinary advice from one of our online vets.

Best regards,

The VetLive Veterinary Team