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“Tasters” and Strange Exam Room Behavior

November 29th, 2010
Some pet owners cross the line to find themselves in embarrassing situations

Labradore retriever pet health questions

Photo by Emildom

Pet owners are a curious bunch, myself included.  I am always amazed at our cautious nature.  Even though their vet tells them to feed x, or give medicine y, you never really know if they are actually going to do z.  But the strangest precautionary pet owners are the “tasters.”  Tasting your dog’s gourmet Honest Kitchen dog food is one thing, but sometimes the pet owners I meet in this profession really make me wonder.

Any various forms of pet owners who can not help themselves but to insert pet medications, pet products, or pet food into their mouths.

Let me introduce you to Cocoa and her taster pet parent. Cocoa was a very rambunctious sweet lab. But she had a problem with furniture.  She really liked to change its aesthetic design– as in, rip it apart. Due to the fact that behavioral modification takes time and effort, we needed a short term solution while we worked towards long-term training, besides locking her up in a crate.

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Thanksgiving Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe

November 24th, 2010

ask a vet how to keep your pet safe on thanksgiving pet tips from a vetEveryone is looking forward to the big holiday tomorrow and I personally can’t wait to stuff my face with homemade eats and treats. But the last thing you want with a belly full is a sick pet and a late night visit to the emergency vet. Keep this tips in mind, and savor the holiday the safe way.

1. Beware of the bones! In a day and age where feeding raw and whole bones is a bit of controversy, I would be going against the oath I took to not warn pet owners–brittle bones can get lodged in pets throats or intestines. Beware!

don't give your pets alcohol2. No alcohol for FIDO! We humans love yeast for its many fantastic uses beer, wine, the strength to make it though an uncomfortable family dinner, but encourage your pooch not to indulge. Even yeast from bread dough can cause intoxication and severe side effects, including death. Read funny reminders on why booze is bad for dogs. Don’t share that fruit punch!

3. Sweets. Only in moderation. Pets really aren’t meant to consume vast quantities of sugar. Make sure Fido doesn’t have access or can’t sneak into the desserts, and of course, keep them away from the chocolate!

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Is it okay to let Fido booze it up?

November 13th, 2010

cocktailEvery culture has its vices, and booze is among the most common of legal and widely accepted vices in the western world.

As a veterinarian, I have learned that unfortunately some people are incapable of embarrassment–that or severely unaware when they should be. While in the exam room, I have had a pet owner whip out her boob from the v-neck of her shirt and ask me what kind of insect bite I thought she had. I have had couples make out in front of me (I get this one a lot). I get tons of questions about why animals like watching their human parents have sex–why they think I would know an official medical answer remains unclear to me, as I am a veterinarian and not a sex behavioral therapist, for humans or pets. But the most common question I get from those that feel comfortable asking away,

“Doc, it’s alright if I give Bruno a few beers with me, right?”

Funny fact: While I am strongly recommending you not let your pet drink booze of any variety, oddly enough, guess what the treatment is for antifreeze poisoning: ethanol. What common convenient bottle is kept in most vets’ offices for this emergency? Everclear. And seriously, it’s not for sampling.

So let’s talk about booze and your pets. Nowadays more than ever, pet owners are sharing their food, homes, and beds with their pets. I can see the logic that a pet owner would perhaps take in offering to share their adult beverage with their pet (okay truthfully, I’m a vet, I don’t see it, but I suppose my veterinary inclinations are partly responsible for why I became a vet in the first place).

We all enjoy a cocktail from time to time, so why not let your pooch have a few laps, right? No. Dogs and cats often get more than drunk when they lap on your adult beverage–they may get a trip to the emergency vet hospital.

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Online Vets Thank You for a Warm Welcome into the World of Pet Blogging!

October 28th, 2010

smiling happy dog, chocolate lab | Online VetAnd Where We’ve Been This Week!

With guest posts this week at DawgBusiness and FIDOFriendly, it is hard to believe this just started.  When Dr. Jed and I bought our tickets to BlogPaws West 2010, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.  I happened upon the site, and we immediately purchased the tickets–we knew it was going to be incredible and worth it’s weight in gold since we had yet to even launch our blog and had everything to learn.

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