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FIDO Friendly Review & Giveaway!

January 17th, 2011
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Photo by Spot Gershon

Ah, with the weekend full of snow, and the inside fire so warm and cozy, I had the opportunity to read the latest FIDOFriendly magazine and what a treat it was!  Keep reading because there is a treat in store for one lucky reader!

In case you’ve been living under a rock or aren’t much of a dog person, FIDOFriendly is a bimonthly travel and lifestyle magazine for dog lovers.  There motto is “Leave No Dog Behind,” and the magazine is full of pawesome ways to make that happen.

A couple of articles in this issue really hit home with me. Carol Bryant’s article “You’ve come a long way, Sparky!” made me smile. It reviewed the changes we as pet owners have embraced over the decades: home-cooked dog food, traveling with pets, pets as family members, and considering our furbabies as family members in general. As veterinarians, I cannot imagine practicing in a time when owners did not believe their dogs could feel pain, or let ailments go untreated. And as the world’s first online veterinary hospital, of course we encourage positive change for the world of canines!

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Photo by Nutloaf via Flickr

I got a kick out of the “Designer Digs” piece which discusses how dogs influence the type of furniture we fill our homes with. In particular it made me laugh because we have a new couch about to be delivered, and yes, we chose for our pets–heavily distressed leather is slobber, hair, and even grosser bodily fluids friendly! Out with the stained cloth fabric, our pets really do work their way into our hearts and changing our lifestyles (happily, of course).

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Tripods: Does it hurt you more than it hurts them?

January 14th, 2011

ask a vet a question, online vet advice, sick dog symptoms, canine bone cancerIt could happen to you and your furbaby. It could be an unfortunate collision with a car, or it could be a nasty bone tumor that has a better chance of cure if removed.

The thought of their dog losing a leg is devastating to pet owners everywhere. The need to amputate a limb could be the result of numerous things. I hope it never happens to you or your fur child, but if it does, take the time to pause and repeat after me:

“This isn’t as bad as it seems.”

While pet owners are crushed and in tears over the news that their beloved pet needs to have a limb removed, veterinarians are almost relieved  because we have likely been presented with a pet in a dire situation, such as cancer, and can actually offer owners and that pet a cure! Oftentimes, we don’t have that luxury, so when we have a problem we can fix, it’s a wonderful feeling!

A chance to cut is a chance to cure.

Don’t give up on your pet.  A dog will always be a dog, which is their beauty.

While it is obviously not ideal or what anyone–vet, pet owners or pet–limb amputation may bring surprising joy and happiness back to your and your pet’s life.

The trouble? Convincing pet owners their dog or cat can live a wonderfully satisfying life sans one limb.

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