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Has the Economy Affected Your Pet Healthcare Spending? | Ask a Vet

November 4th, 2010

shihtzu dog | Ask a vetBy Edie Jarolim

I love pet blogging for a lot of reasons, including that it’s a great democratizer. I would never have felt comfortable asking my own vet to write about the benefits of pumpkin for dogs but when Dr. Laci Schaible commented on one of my blog posts, I checked out her site, discovered it was new and interesting — and immediately felt comfortable pumping her for information about pumpkins. She came through, in spades, as you can see here.
Dr. Schaible in turn asked me to write a guest post — fair is fair! — from the perspective of a veterinary client. So here we are.

When it comes to economizing in these tough times, I find some things easier to give up than others. I work at home so I don’t really need new clothes (no videoconferencing for me!). That funny noise my car is making? I can ignore it a while longer. And — dare I admit it? –I’m okay with skipping the occasional annual medical checkup, which always seems to sock me with hidden fees for diagnostic tests. I’m feeling fine and if that should change …well, that’s why I’m paying those exorbitant health insurance rates.

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Books, journals, and the clutter associated with staying current in vet med

October 29th, 2010

I never loved reading as a child like Dr. Laci did.  I preferred working with my hands, being outside, and playing sports.  How things have changed.

I am bombarded with books- they seem to be everywhere and they get in the way. They are an obligation and a time-taker (not waster); we have to read them, especially as vets, to stay current.

There are books on my desk.

Books on a desk

There are books in bookcases

Books in bookcase
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Dog Health Problems | My Puppy Mill Plea

October 13th, 2010

Puppy Mill Dog Health Problems | boxer puppy with cleft palate | puppy mill puppy

Boxer Puppy Suffering From a Cleft Lip

As a veterinarian near Amish country PA, how can I better spread the word?

There are parts of the profession I have learned to accept, even though I disagree, but this one never gets any easier. It’s the family that comes in with a new puppy that they’ve just purchased from, guess where, a puppy mill.

Did you know that when the horrors of puppy mills made it to mainstream media, the sale of dogs from puppy mills actually increased because people wanted to rescue them? This just further encourages the industry, and is not the answer!

Unfortunately, we live very near Lancaster PA. When friends and family come to visit, they often want to take a day trip to see the picturesque barns and wooden fences of Amish country. But I refuse to accompany them; I know that inside those picturesque barns are thousands of crowded puppies matted in their own feces and urine, living in a squalor of filth. I will have nothing to do that could in any way be in support of their puppy mill practices.

Being so close to puppy mill country, I get to be “the bad guy” time and time again. Actually, as a veterinarian, I took an oath which requires me to educate these wide-eyed new puppy parents on all the genetic disorders that their newest family addition has. It is not an easy thing to do, to walk the line of educating them without offending them. I do believe some of these pet parents didn’t realize their mistake.

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Responsible Pet Ownership: It Takes More than Love – Online Vet, Dr. Laci, Tells a Story

October 9th, 2010

Online Vet | sleeping dog yellow lab

Last night while my husband and I were at dinner, I received an e-mail message from a stranger over facebook. She claimed she saw in my profile that I was a veterinarian and wanted to ask me a question about her dog’s ears.

As it turned out, she described  symptoms of a horrible ear infection (otitis externa, as we call it in the biz).  The symptoms were classic and severe: itchy, swollen, painful ears, profuse brown/black discharge, shaking the dog’s head, screaming when they were touched, and when she tried to clean his ears, they bled due to the severe inflammation.

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