I would use them again in a heartbeat!

My cat’s progressive nearsightedness has stumped his vets.  I went VetLIVE looking for a second opinion, hoping that I’d get more than a standard reply telling me to take him to another vet.  I was lucky enough to get Dr. Laci Schaible, who, after reading my initial query, asked some follow-up questions, and then presented me with a response full of extremely detailed and helpful information that seemed to go on forever.  It was clear that she had done a lot of research and a lot of thinking about my kitty’s health problems.  In the end, she gave me three clear differential diagnoses – invaluable information that has helped us determine what our next step (and the step after that) should be.  We are beyond grateful.

In addition to the wonderful advice I received from Dr. Laci, I was also very pleased with the customer support.  When I emailed VetLIVE to ask how to leave a tip for Dr. Laci, Diane replied right away with instructions.  All around, we had a terrific experience with VetLIVE, and would use them again in a heartbeat.


Vet Second Opinion | I needed a second opinion, but my schedule wouldn't allow...

“I needed a second opinion, but my schedule wouldn’t allow for another trip to the vet. I submitted a history of my dog’s problem and included a photo. Shortly after, I received a thorough response from the VetLIVE doctor. I couldn’t believe how quickly they responded and how easy it was to get a second opinion without the office visit! The VetLIVE doctors are compassionate people that care about animals and that compassion comes through in their thoughtful answers. Thanks VetLIVE!”  Stacie L.

Dog symptoms | My dog was battling a skin infection that her regular vet could not cure

“My dog was battling a skin infection that her regular vet could not cure. After several rounds of different antibiotics, her regular vet suggested sedating her for a skin biopsy. Since I was quite nervous about sedating her, I wanted to make sure that there were no other options available. I turned to the vets of VetLIVE for a second opinion. It was so easy ~ I just described the issues, past and current treatments and even uploaded a photo of the infection. Soon after, I received a thorough response that confirmed a skin biopsy would be the best option. The best part was that my dog didn’t need to suffer the stress of going to another vet’s office for the second opinion! Thanks VetLIVE!”

Cat symptoms | My cat was diagnosed with a genital problem

“My cat was diagnosed with a genital problem and was schedule to be “scoped” under full anesthesia. She was in pain and suffering. I asked the question to the online vets and they thought it was just a simple yeast infection. They suggested seeing another vet for an accurate diagnosis, and they 100% correct! Thanks for saving me $1200 and her pain from the surgery.” – E. Jennings

Vet question helps pet owner | My son’s rabbit was walking weird...

My son’s rabbit was walking weird, and I didn’t know if it was a concern. I uploaded a picture and found out that I needed to go to the vet because it could be a disease that my son could catch. I didn’t even know we could share diseases with rabbits! Thanks for helping my animal and people family!

Dr. S provides online pet advice | "Thanks Dr. S!"

Thanks Dr. S for letting me know there are other options for my ferret instead of surgery.  I love your online vet service.

Pet owner gets help with sick cat | "This website is fantastic!"

This website is fantastic! I was utterly impressed with both Dr Jed and Dr Laci who thoroughly answered two questions about my cats’ health problems. I would have spent at least a couple hundred dollars if I had taken Machka and Zorro to the vet, but VetLIVE was able to answer my questions for a tiny fraction of that cost!  They provided several options to try that my Vet had never even mentioned!   Sincerely, M. Smith

Pet owner gets online vet advice | I am working mother of three…

I am working mother of three and rounding up the dogs to go to the vet is sometimes more than I can handle. I find this service fantastic for people like me. The vet was very nice and even suggested ways I could save money on my pets.  I know it won’t replace going to [pet owner's veterinarian],  but it is a great option for those late night and weekend problems. Many thanks.

Chat with a vet | I can’t believe I got to “talk” to the vet for so long!

I can’t believe I got to “talk” to the vet for so long! It was great to be able to chat with him at home at night when I was concerned about how much chocolate my dog ate. It was much longer than I get when I go take my dog to the vet, and the vet even calculated an exact amount of chocolate that would be dangerous! Thanks for saving me a trip to the ER and lots of $. I will definitely use this service again and recommend it to others!

Dog Health Problems | Online vet advice saved me so much money

The vet’s advice saved me so much money. I can’t believe I have been spending over $100 a month on name brand dog arthitis medication for years, when there is a human generic available for under $4/month at Target- yes, Target. These vets know their stuff and really seem to care. I can’t wait to ask my vet for a script.  Thanks!

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